New release cycle for Newscoop

Starting from Newscoop 4.3 we use completly new releases cycle.

In few words:

We will release new Newscoop major version on every 6-10 weeks

What does it means for us and users?

  • new features will be available earlier
  • we will don't neeed to support realy old codebase (we support 3 last releases)
  • release process will be much more persistent
  • we will release new version every week - respectively alpha, beta or RC

How will look road for new release (in detalis)

  • we finish roadmap planing and we start new release cycle
  • we take 3-4 weeks for new features development (with alpha release every week)
  • we freeze features and codebase, now we focus on bugs, testing, upgrade - this will take us about 2 weeks (with beta release every week)
  • now it's time for final release, but in case of big code change set we can introduce more testing releases called RC (release candidates)

New releases will be available on github releases page. Major releases will appear also on our website.

In close feature we plan to use new updates mechanism (check code here), more in next posts.