Upgrading Newscoop 4.2.3/4.2.4 to 4.3

Important! Remember to backup all your data before performing upgrade.

  1. Remove newscoop/vendor directory and its content from your current Newscoop instance (sudo rm -rf newscoop/vendor).
  2. Copy Newscoop 4.3 files (package can be downloaded from official releases) over the 4.2.3/4.2.4 files (e.g. sudo cp -r /home/user/Newscoop43/newscoop/ /var/www/newscoop/).
  3. Run upgrade.php script. (Go to
  4. Check if there are any instructions to follow in the output of upgrade script. If so, then follow the steps.
  5. When it is done, clear the cache folder: sudo rm -rf cache/*.
  6. Run php composer.phar dump-autoload --optimize command in ../newscoop/ directory - this will autoload new classes.
  7. Run php application/console assets:install public/ command in ../newscoop/directory - it will install assets.
  8. Run php scripts/fixer.php script in ../newscoop/ directory - it will fix files permissions. (optional, run it when you don't know how to manage files permissions)
  9. Clear the cache folder for the last time: sudo rm -rf cache/*.
  10. You are done!

Note: If you are updating Newscoop from Newscoop 4.3 branch then installing vendors is required after step 2 (php composer.phar install --no-dev).

Above steps are required to upgrade Newscoop 4.2.3/4.2.4 to 4.3.

We also recommend to update all the legacy plugins: debatepollsoundcloudrecaptcha, because they will not be compatible with Newscoop 4.3 anymore.

How to do this?:

  • Make a backup of newscoop/plugins/ directory.
  • Remove the whole newscoop/plugins/ content(Linux command: sudo rm -rf newscoop/plugins/*).
  • Download the fixed package of legacy plugins from here.
  • Extract archive and copy it to newscoop/plugins/ directory.
  • Go to newscoop root folder (../newscoop/) and execute php composer.phar dump-autoload —-optimize
  • Clear the cache folder: sudo rm -rf cache/*

The above guide can be found in official Newscoop repository here.