Improving the process of Newscoop upgrade

As of version 4.4.6, we will provide an update package for each minor/patch release, which doesn't require vendors change.

From now on, It is also possible to download the package with only current updates without having to download the entire Newscoop package, the size of which is usually ~190MB.

Packages with current updates take just a few KB / MB. For example, name of this package in Newscoop 4.4.6 release is: and can be found in our Newscoop GitHub repository here, under each release, starting from 4.4.6.

The update process takes place in the same way as it was in case of previous releases, but with the difference that you should not delete the folder vendor from your Newscoop installation folder. (see upgrade guide)

In case of a fresh Newscoop installation, you must download the whole package of Newscoop, which is named, in case of 4.4.6 release: (it's the same name convention as it was before, in case of previous releases).

 The reason for this is that it becomes useless to download Newscoop package with size of ~190MB everytime you want to ugrade your Newscoop instance, when only a few files have been modified in order to fix bugs.

Check the Newscoop releases page and see for yourself!