Newscoop 4.2.4 maintenance release

When we work hard on Newscoop 4.3 stable release we try to do not forget also about current users working on 4.2.x. Today we make public Newscoop 4.2.4 maintenance release.

What we fix it this release?

  • IM-1572: Fixes the issue for non upgraded sites
  • CS-5410: Sets config-dir parameter when URL is not valid and is handled via exception
  • CS-5410: Removes testing code
  • CS-5400: newscoop-restore script doesn't restore content of public/files folder
  • CS-5418: newscoop-restore script breaks on mysql error
  • CS-5365: Removes duplicate files (with same namespaces) from plugin
  • CS-4914: Dates end in capital S in sample site
  • AZ-31: Azerbaijani localization backport
  • IM-1941: Preview iFrame with protocol agnostic url
  • Backported Danish localization from master branch
  • CS-5503 - Upgrading Newscoop from 4.2 -> 4.3 issues

This week we work from @Sourcefabric Prague office on roadmap for next Newscoop versions!